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How much will it cost to change your life forever?

To receive the whole three step program it is only *$595inc GST.  This includes Laser Acupuncture, 7 Steps and three supplements.  As well as our on going support service.  Private Health Fund rebates may apply.

In real terms, this represents not only a new, much healthier, you, but a person who will be hundreds of dollars better off every month!

Please read the other informative sections of this website to get a more complete understanding of how and why the Matrix Laser system is so effective.

* Matrix Laser Clinics offer a $45 concession for Veterans Affairs Gold Card holders and Pensioners. Appointments where two or more people are booked in for consecutive appointments also receive a discount of $20 each.

Have you worked out how much smoking is costing you?


 Smoked per Day Cost per Week Cost per Month Cost per Year Cost over ten years
15 $42 $182 $2184 $21 840
30 $84 $364 $4368 $43 680
45 $126 $546 $6552 $65 520
60 $168 $728 $8736 $87 360

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Comparing the Cost of Quitting:

Below are the costs of quitting smoking as published in the Smart Money section of the Sunday Mail on the 8th of April 2007.



How long it takes



*1 Hour in clinic



10-16 weeks



18-20 weeks



15-20 weeks



9 weeks

Tablet (nicotine replacement)


3-6 months

Zyban (bupropion)


7 weeks

* The total time that you will be with Matrix in treatment is one hour.  You will then need to use the seven steps and supplements for a month after treatment.