Matrix Laser Clinics

Detoxing – An Essential Part of the Program

Every cigarette contains over 4,000 chemicals. This means that every smoker regularly forces over 4,000 toxic chemicals into their body. These chemicals include the  familiar ones of carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, lead, arsenic, and cadmium and a host of others that you probably will not have heard of. These chemicals are gradually destroying your body and you must get rid of them quickly and safely. You need to get your body running on oxygen to stop rebound addiction.

The detoxing process begins with the Low Level Laser treatment.  It is then further accelerated through the use of supplements which help the body heal, increase the immune system and help in times of physical and mental stress.

Matrix Laser Clinics use the highest quality Australian made supplements.  We combine three supplements to effectively target and treat the main symptoms resulting from quitting smoking.

  • The 1st supplement helps your body eliminate toxins and speed up the healing process.
  • The 2nd supplement enhances your immune system to help your body recover more quickly from smoking and to help avoid illness which sometimes results from quitting smoking.
  • The 3rd supplement is used at times when you would normally reach for a cigarette.  It will help you cope better in times of stress.